Zodiac (2007) – Interview scene

Crime, David Fincher, Mystery

This scene had some incredible shots.



If i was the one directing this scene i think i would have treated the Zodiac killer (the person on the phone) like HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey. He’s just a voice without a face and hes our ominous, menacing antagonist of the film. I would have tried to focus in on the monitor, the one Melvin Belli is talking and staring into, and tried to convince the audience this was him. Maybe i’d show off the red tint of the recording light to set the mood. The color red is often used as a technique to set the tone of the shot.

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2 thoughts on “Zodiac (2007) – Interview scene

  1. I appreciate your enthusiasm for this scene. BY LUCK, even though I had seen the movie in the theatres, My Teen daughters had been wanting to see it so we watched the BLU-RAY. I like the scene where the three detectives are interviewing Lee at the refinery. One thing about this scene is you can tell that whoever wanted Cox cast as Brando for this upcoming Road Picture, chose pretty damn well.


    1. That scene is amazing. One of my favorites of the movie. Not sure how you got your hands on a Blu-ray copy of this movie. I checked out like 3 stores near my house a couple months ago looking for it and couldn’t even find a normal DVD of it. Had to rent it from Amazon.


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